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Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 day after 5 years:)

holla there!!! this entry...i wan story bout my great moment wif my BESTBESTBEST friends..STJ's animal PET group:)

last week <19th JUNE 2011>, i got to meet my old friends which i hv known for almost ELEVEN years...whoaaa!!!such a long years~~~am i getting older???OMG~~

actually, there was 1 time that we all planned to meet in KL after finished our MATRIX. unfortunately, i didn't hv permission from my sad..dunno y my mom not allowed me to go meet mom said--->i'm still young, KL is a SCARY world, n blablabla~~~hihi..dunno y i'm very sad>veryveryvery sad<..n i was sulking*not talked to my mom, ignored my appetite, pouting*....heeee..but all in silence..kept my self in when i recalled this moment, i thought that i'm so rude toward my mom~~i'm sorry MAK..1 week 2 weeks later, i managed to find the answer y i was very sad..its bcos i got offer to further study in UMS~~hikhik...travelling to SABAH~~1 of the great place 'NEGERI D BAWAH BAYU'...that's y i was very SAD...

wif my love@my heart@mysoul@myfiance@myfutureHubby:)
heee...enough with that story...just wanna recall the, last week i got to meet with my fiance too..miss him so much^^:(since we live apart wif each other, it is too barely to see him!!!to date him!!!uhukuhukkk~~@@~~PAHANG vs SELANGOR kot~~@@~~unlike in UMS back then:((...but this time i want to tell the moment we 7 gurls >sadly 1 of our group didn't manage to meet us< gather in JJ SEREMBAN 2^^..heee...lets the pic tell the story<3 its time to PHOTOSTORY!!!
Hungry???times to eat:)


4 of us:)



suddenly got to see ms ainur:)




2nd time bowling for me:))
our score^^the winner goes to KAY:)i'm the 3rd place:phikhik...


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