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Sunday, October 02, 2011

1st doodle by Excel:) last i manage to create a doodle by using microsoft excel.I learned it from Nurdani's Blog..adore her cute, sweet, and ohhhhhh..i'm speechless whenever i see her doodlessss that she creates using Excel..

I do know that some of bloggers using paint, paint.NET, paint SAI tool, photoscape, and photoshop.But for me, it is very amazing when I know that by using Excel as well as Powerpoint also is able to create this cute thing.

SO, i'm very interested and in the same time excited to learn and create doodle using an need to download the easy.just use the Excel that available in almost notebook, desktop, netbook, laptop and so on..

Before this, for the starting of my career, ohh..not..hihi..for the 1st time i started to create doodle, I had learned it from KakAzzah@SayurLemak..just using photoscape and paint..then, i learn from ustazah pilihan TengkuPuteri..she had teach us in 'Kelas Pendidikan Seni' by using Photoshop, Paint.NET, also Photoscape.

I am happy to learn all this thing..

A lot of thanks to them..hikhik:)

lets see my 1st doodle using Microsoft Excel:)
Excel...learn from si ayu YouniqueNurdani:)

grouping session:)
just this i can create:)
edit di photoscape..add spec n blinkblink:)hihi
erkkkkk....mintak maaf..tetiba je speaking kan..actually, esok ada interview..sesaje je mengada buat entry in English...if there is any mistake with my sentences, do let me know ya peeps!!!love u all:)hehe

what is the proper attire to attend an interview??baju kurung or just 2 pieces blazer with pants??


NasZ said...Reply To This Comment

comey la doodle tu. suka2. anyway, good luck for your interview.


Tengku Puteri said...Reply To This Comment

comel!! sy pun blum try test guna excel..huhu... gud luck dear...=)

Santri T.P.I.N.I said...Reply To This Comment


Tentang Kita said...Reply To This Comment

comelnyer dudel tu

Niena Pengembara Ilahi said...Reply To This Comment

doodle yg kiut miut

nurdani said...Reply To This Comment

ok, ada dua benda yang sangat terkejut bila ada kat sini.

satu, yayath dah kahwin.
kedua, yayath dah pregnant!

yeay! tahniah2!

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